By UIHC Guest Reporter Lucas Miles

Over the last fortnight, a fierce rivalry has been disputed. The Southern Suns entered the ice for game two knowing the speed and physical nature of their northern opponent is what stood between them and a series tied heading into the final installment.

At the other blue-line, a team who was looking to secure a series win in game two, and the ultimate bragging rights in the inaugural Ultimate Ice Hockey Championship.

The animosity was not lost in between game one and two with both teams looking to send a message early in the first period.

However it was the Stars who capitalised first, and put their southern rivals on the backfoot.

Another Goal before the end of the first had promised a tough finish for the Suns who stepped up the physical play early in the second period. However the Stars physical defenseman were eager to up the ante, as both teams exchanged big hits in the corners at both ends.

Another solid performance from Stars Goalie Dan Wilkinson, this time in the form of a shutout, put pressure on the Suns offense, who were finding it hard to set up in their offensive zone.

With both teams competing for the title of West Coast champions, the heat began to pick up as a big scrum in front of the suns net managed to spark up the big crowd in attendance.

However no punches were exchanged in the altercation, leaving plenty of hostility remaining between these two bitter rivals heading into game three.

With the series now sealed after the impressive 5-0 victory from the Stars, these two rivals are now looking to settle any scores that may be left riding over from the previous two games.

The Suns however will be looking to prevent a series sweep, if they can manage to crack Wilkinson in between the pipes.

Game three will look to start where game two finished for both these teams, and any friendships these cross town rivals have heading into the final contest will be left in the lockerooms as the series comes to a close this Saturday the 31st at Xtreme Ice Arena.