The Ultimate Ice Hockey Championship board are pleased to announce the addition of former Swedish professional ice hockey player Per Daniel Göransson to the Northern Stars lineup.

Göransson grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, where started skating from a young age, playing professional hockey for Hammarby IF until he was 22 years old.

A physical defenseman, Per Daniel has good timing on his hits, which leads to a physical, strong and aggressive game. He has a winners instinct, and knows what is required to get his team over the line.

He came to Australia in 2011 to complete his Bachelor of Sports Management and Marketing, thinking he would never skate again. However, with some friendly peer pressure, and encouragement from Perth Thunder General Manager Stan Scott, Per Daniel got back on the ice to play in the West Australian Super League in August after his seven year break.

Per Daniel said it has been a struggle to return to ice hockey, but the UIHC will be the perfect platform to start up his career, as well as support a local community cause.

“It has been a struggle to get back, no cardio in the world can prepare you for skating up and down the ice,” he said.

“This event will be perfect for me to get back on the ice again, as well as support charity and the new hockey community that I am now a part of.”

He said he has also been impressed with the local West Australian talent, especially the young Perth Thunder players who will be included in the ‘North vs South’ championship

“Players like Jamie Woodman, Lyndon Lodge and Kieran Webster definitely have a chance over in America or Europe,” he said.

“I think they should go try their luck, I’m sure they will make it.

“The older players have great skills too, but since they have jobs and families it isn’t the easiest thing to pack up their bags and head over the the other side of the world, despite their amazing talent.”

Tickets to see Per Daniel and the rest of the spectacular ‘North vs South’ lineups can be found by heading to

We hope the crowd is as excited as Per Daniel is.